Creative Cakes By KeeKee - ADULTS ONLY (NUDE/EXOTIC CAKE) - Hillside, IL
          ADULTS     ONLY!                                                    
Please fill out the contact page if you would like to request a cake date. Weekends (friday/saturdays) book fast.

New photos will be uploaded as new orders follow through.
 Starting  1/5/2014 every custom cake order serving 40 or more guests, will receive 24 FREE custom cupcakes with your order. In order to receive your 24 free custom cupcakes, the balance on your cake order has to be paid in full by the 10 day deadline. This offer is valid through July 2014! Offer valid for Contact Pages submitted on or after 1/5/2014. See example below. The custom cupcake design is to be picked by KeeKee.

                                                            PENIS CAKE SERVINGS AND PRICES
                                                 10 TO 18 SERVINGS $100
                                                 20 TO 30 SERVINGS $120
                                                 UP TO 40 SERVINGS $140
                                                 UP TO 50 SERVINGS $160
                                                       80 SERVINGS $200

                                                      PENIS/BREAST CAKE PRICES
                                                20 TO 30 GUESTS $120
                                               UP TO 40 GUESTS $140
                                                       UP TO 50 $160
                                                   80 SERVINGS $200
            I'm getting married b****** cake prices and servings below
                                                10 to 18 servings (not available)
                                    20 to 30 servings   $100
                                          Up to 40 $120
                                          Up to 50 $140
                                        80 servings $220   
Please call  (630) 670-2036 for prices on any other exotic cake you are interested in ordering. Please fill out the contact page asap to get your order started.  
breast bust ta ta's nude bachlerette gold red black birthday cake
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