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Starting  1/5/2014 every custom cake order serving 40 or more guests, will receive 24 FREE custom cupcakes with your order. To receive your 24 free custom cupcakes, the balance on your cake order has to be paid in full by the 10 day deadline. This offer is valid through July 2014! 

The custom cupcake design is up to KeeKee. You may not pick or choose your free cupcake design. If you want to take advantage of the free cupcake offer but your event/celebration is after the offer ends. Reserve your date with a 50% deposit and still receive the free cupcake offer. 

Please read this page and the Contact Page to understand deliveries, pickups, and the payment process. I enjoy what I do, I would love to take your order!


                                                 Order your cake serving 40 or more!

                                        Receive  24 free matching custom cupcakes!
*The offer is not valid if you are already ordering cupcakes or mini cakes. The balance on your cake order has to paid by the 10 day deadline in order to receive your cupcakes. 

$50 Hello Kitty face cake servings 20 to 30 guests. The Hello kitty cake also comes with a Hello Kitty gift.

*If you need any sketch ideas, sketch ideas on custom cake orders take up to 72 hours to receive via email.

Please fill out the Contact Page to get your order started or to receive a quote. Always fill out the Contact Page first. Before paying for any order. 

Do you have a nut allergy, gluten allergy/sensitivity or a food related allergy or sensitivity? 
We take food allergies seriously! There is a possibility that our goods could contain a trace of nuts or nut oils. If you have a nut allergy or ANY food allergy, we ask those individuals to refrain from eating our goods and refrain from placing any order. If you place an order any way, it will be at your own risk. I strongly suggest that you do not place an order if you know or even think someone has a food allergy. 

If you have questions about available dates you can also email to receive a more prompt response.
CONTACT - (630) 670-2036 or 
HOURS  -  Open 7 days a week 9AM-5PM
PICKUPS - Mannheim Rd Hillside IL. (Delivery $2.75) 
Don't waste time driving around the Chicago-land area in the snow or scorching heat with a cake. Let me or my driver deliver your order. 
I provide delivery service to the Chicago-land area and some parts of
Filling out the contact page is a request only. You will not be able to move forward with ordering without submitting a contact page.  Please submit your contact page as soon as possible.

Understanding Deposits payments and balance due
  • If your order total is over $150, a 50% deposit is required to hold your
          cake date. 

  • If your order total is under $150, your full payment is the only way to secure your order date. Without a deposit (or full payment of your order) the date is available to anyone who pays to secure the date first

  • The balance due on your order is due UP TO 10 days prior to your pickup or delivery date. No payments will be accepted after the 10 day deadline, your order will be cancelled and the deposit will be non-refundable. Making sure the balance on your order is paid in time allows adequate time to prepare your order. You can also pay way before you get close to your balance deadline to be safe.

  • My PayPal invoices cancel after 24 hours of non-payment. You could risk your date to the next person that needs the same date. 

Check out the beautiful cakes ordered by celebrities.
Thanks for your support!   
WGCI'S 4th Anniversary cake for the Morning Riot Show!              

Designed 3 cakes for the WGCI Morning Riot show
anniversary celebration. Delivered to club VLive. BIG thank you to Tony, Leon, Nina and the WGCI family for their support!

DJ Dimepiece (WGCI) Birthday Cake
"The Mixin' Vixen" Global Spin Awards female DJ of the year WINNER! 
Tiffany Torrence Davis 29th golden birthday cake and cupcakes.

Designed (rap artist) Shawnna Guy's birthday cake


Jordan shoe box cake.Ordered by, Chella Hustle!


I designed (comedian) Damon William's birthday cake

I designed this cake for (comedian) Kevin Hart's birthday. A huge microphone head cake.

Donated this cake and cupcakes to Tiffany Torrence Davis. 
1st annual prom dress drive. Bad Girl To A Great Woman! BG-GW. 

Designed (actor/model) Kai Morae's birthday cakes
two years in a row.

Had the opportunity to design 2 cakes and deliver them to (boxer) Floyd Mayweather's
welcome home party at club Adrianna's on Dixy Highway.

Designed this cake for (blues singer) Howlin' Wolf's birthday celebration!                                                               

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