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Creative Cakes by KeeKee

Melrose Park, IL.


Creative Cakes By KeeKee


Crafting edible dreams, creative custom cakes that bring imagination to life through unique flavors, intricate designs, and personalized touches. From whimsical birthdays to elegant celebrations, these edible masterpieces are a delightful fusion of art and taste, bringing joy and sweetness to every celebration. Thank you for helping support black women owned businesses. 

Normal business hours, (Mon-Sun 7am-8pm) please send an email


All cakes are custom designed to fit your special event. The price of your cake is a combination of the number of servings, design and difficulty. Thank you for supporting women owned businesses. 

Booking 1-2 months in advance is highly recommended. Email or text to check if your date is available for booking.

Feel free to email or text any photos of inspiration to (630)347-6512 

Customer love 

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